The Good News Of The Gospel

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The amazing news of the Gospel is not that we can receive Jesus into our lives, but that He has already received us into his. -Baxter Kruger

I love revival! I love learning about great revivals and moves of God throughout history around the world. I've always felt that the Lord crafted me a revivalist heart. Over the last few years, I've had a continued awakening that has stirred my spirit and has drastically altered my approach to evangelism. The revelation is this - revival is not primarily about the lost and non-believer. You cannot revive someone who’s never been alive. Revival is about believers coming back to our first love.

I believe that, as we begin to move and operate out of a position of beloved identity, intimacy, and devotion, the natural consequence of this lifestyle is an outpouring of His presence. His presence is the only power that can change the atmosphere. When Christians begin to return to our first love and steward a flame of devotion, we naturally begin to steward His presence and power - which is what changes the spiritual landscape around us. My example of this is when Peter’s shadow would fall on people, and they were healed in Acts 5:15.

Let's make a decision right now in 2018 to get rid of the distractions and pursue a radical lifestyle of devotion unto Jesus. Kindle a burning heart for the King, and watch the atmosphere transform around you. As you draw nearer to the Lord in devotion and intimacy, the by-product is contagious fruit that the world is starving for!

His presence and Spirit is what was given to every believer when He ascended to heaven and said “greater things you will do”.