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The Power To Be: How To Be Still Through T-E-A-R-SSample

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The Power To Be: How To Be Still Through T-E-A-R-S

DAY 1 OF 5

How to be still through T-E-A-R-S

T – TRUST Without Understanding

Proverbs 3:5–6 is especially meaningful to me and pops up often as an important reminder of what I should do. In two places the passage uses a tiny, three-letter word—one that carries a big message. I’m supposed to trust God with all my heart. I’m supposed to acknowledge him in all my ways. 

All. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

A few other words hit me in a significant way as I was reading the verses one day: and lean not on your own understanding. I had an aha moment when I realized that I’m not going to understand everything. I don’t need to understand everything. The revelation brought me great freedom because many things that have happened in my life are beyond my mental grasp.

For example: I don’t understand why . . .

· my first baby was a miscarriage;

· I had a complex, emergency gallbladder surgery when my daughter was three weeks old, and I couldn’t carry her for seven weeks;

· my dad died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm when he was extremely healthy;

· a drunk driver’s vehicle crashed into our van on the way home from a church event;

· my mom died in that accident, and my prognosis wasn’t good;

· my youngest son spent ten days in intensive care after he was born;

· my other son’s appendix ruptured when he was thirteen, and we almost lost him;

· we’ve often struggled with financial difficulties;

· my husband has a crippling muscle disease, and he’s no longer the strong man I married;

· two of my family members have bipolar disorder;

· I was diagnosed with breast cancer;

· we seem to move from crisis to crisis;

· and I certainly don’t understand why I have chin hairs!

But what I do understand is this: God says I should trust him and acknowledge him, and then he gives me a promise. If I do that, he will take care of me. He will direct my paths. I’m not left to flounder on my own. What comfort that brings me!

I’ve learned that rather than focusing on what I don’t know or understand, I should turn my attention to what I do know. I know God. I know he loves me. I know he’s never failed me. I know he wants what’s best for me. 

I choose to trust him and acknowledge him without having to understand everything. Will you? 

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The Power To Be: How To Be Still Through T-E-A-R-S

The power to be still. Who doesn’t want that kind of power? It’s possible, but it takes resolve, and it involves keeping our focus on the right things. Join the author as she shares how to be still through T-E-A-R-S. You...


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