Trust And Obey

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Giving up Control

A few days later, on Saturday afternoon, I called Scott and asked him if I could come over to his office. I sensed that the Lord wanted us to follow up on our previous discussion. I arrived and went back to Scott’s office. As soon as I walked in, we immediately began praying. After some time of prayer, I told him, “Scott, if you will give God a minute tomorrow, He will change things –really change things in ways you can’t fathom. I have no idea what this is supposed to look like, but I know you have to be willing to try. Are you willing to trust Him?”

Scott looked at me. We both knew the seriousness of the moment. This was a big deal. God was upping the ante and asking for complete surrender. Neither of us knew what the change really meant. Scott is very organized. The services at The Oaks are exceptionally well prepared. Every aspect of the service is timed and runs like clockwork. People are coming on stage and off stage, coordinating set pieces, lights, sound, and special effects. There are a lot of overlapping parts to each service. To give up even one second’s control would affect a lot of people. I could sense all those various details swirling around in Scott’s head. I wondered, Is Scott going to trust God in this?

Scott looked up at me. I could tell he had made his decision. His face was set like flint. He solemnly and confidently told me, “John, I’m open to whatever God wants to do. God’s way is far better than my way. He knows so much more than I know. This is a test… an opportunity. I’m open.”


You will find freedom when you surrender to God.