Trust And Obey

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Trusting His Word

To be honest, I wasn’t too surprised to hear a word from God through John. For years God had been using him to draw me deeper into what He wanted for my life and my ministry at the Oaks. In many ways, we had been building toward this moment since we first met. 

Years before, when our church moved into its current location in Red Oak, Texas, John felt led to bring his entire congregation to the dedication service. John was convinced even then that God was calling our two congregations to walk together. During the service, the Lord gave John a word for our congregation, and he asked me if he could share it publicly. Because we had known each other in ministry, I trusted him completely and answered, “Absolutely!”

John stood up in front of everyone gathered for the dedication service and told them the Lord was saying we needed a new perspective about money. Like most churches moving into a new building, we were concerned about the rise in our monthly expenses. We had estimated that we were going to have a shortfall of $10,000 a month if we didn’t see new money come in. However, John’s word to us indicated that we no longer needed to worry about having enough, but rather should plan how to steward the incredible flow of resources the Lord would send us. He told us, “There won’t be one month you will fall short. You will have all you need. Start praying now that God will expand your ability to handle the increase.”

That was a pretty bold message! But within the year, his word came to pass. The Oaks had so much money we had to figure out what to do with it, just like the prophecy foretold. That was the start of my prophetic relationship with John and The Oaks.

It wasn’t to be the last. Over the years, I’ve learned to trust John’s heart, his integrity, and his prophetic voice. Because he had earned my confidence, I was willing to listen when God used him to tell me things –even things that rocked my world.


How would you have responded if you had been Scott when John asked that question?