Trust And Obey

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Courage to Heal

I was finally able to say to God, “I thought I was heading toward success, but I can see now that’s not the case. Lord, I choose to follow You. I repent of the jealousy I’ve had in my heart toward Scott and The Oaks. I commit my life to following Your plan. Your will be done.” This prayer was the beginning of my healing and deliverance from crippling jealousy. But would I have the courage to go through the rest of the healing process?

God challenged me with a bold question: “John, would you be willing to go to The Oaks in person and ask their forgiveness for your jealousy toward them?”

I called Scott to ask if I could come and speak to their prayer team. He gave his permission. In front of their whole team, I repented of the jealousy I felt in my heart toward their church and their pastor. God knew that the only way for me to be healed was for me to publicly ask their forgiveness. 

This act was both humbling and liberating. The fire of the experience helped me see that my problem was disobedience. My envy, self-pity, and doubts had been like poison. The antidote was humility and repentance. In hindsight, I recognize this painful experience was part of God’s deeper work to prepare me for the future. In fact, He was about to call me to a much greater degree of obedience. It was time for me to get out of my own way and allow God to work through me more than ever before.

God gave me several other prophetic words for Scott and The Oaks. Each time, Scott and his leaders graciously listened and accepted what God told them through me. In 2012, the Lord gave me another message for my friend. That Thursday, He told me to ask Scott, “Will you give God one minute in your church service?” I could tell Scott was confused and shaken by the question, but I also know he would carefully consider what the Lord was saying to him.


A humble heart allows God to lead the way.