A Dad's Prayer For His Children



Today’s Prayer  “Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you have not given our child a spirit of fear. We pray our children walk in power, love and sound minds.”

For many families, bedtime is often when the fears begin to show up for children. It seems as though that’s when kids are most willing to share honestly about their anxieties or difficulties that happened during the day. There is something about the darkness and the stillness of bedtime that can be difficult. One of the great ways to complement this prayer is to incorporate God’s Word. When a child is battling fear, we can use prayer and God’s Word to confront that fear.

Pray for your child to walk in power. Teaching your child that they have power over their thoughts and fears is a great lesson and gift to give to them. Ask God through the Holy Spirit to help your child claim that power in Jesus name. If they aren’t old enough to understand that yet, pray for them, their fears, and that they could soon understand that power.

Sound minds. We live in a culture of fear. One of the by-products of constantly living in fear is a mental illness if not dealt with appropriately. Praying this prayer helps fight that battle. Pray that your child would be given a sound mind to stand against attack from the evil one and make the right decisions to move forward in spite of their fear. It's not a coincidence that “Fear Not” is in the Bible over 365 times.   

Bible References:

Psalm 46:1

Isaiah 26:3

Philippians 4:4-7

Isaiah 41:10