A Dad's Prayer For His Children



Today’s Prayer: “Dear God, I pray that our children would desire your Word. I pray that they would learn and study Your Word daily and it may take root in their soul.”

One of the greatest opportunities/obstacles to your children being exposed to God’s Word on a regular basis is you. Weaving Scripture into daily life is difficult amidst many other busy activities that will demand your family’s time. Following through on this is nearly impossible without God’s help. Just as important is that they see God’s Word being modeled out desirably. Children first learn to love and model Scripture through what they see in their parents.

Ask yourself the question: Am I intentional to model out what it means to follow God daily in our home? Or am I talking the talk without walking the walk?

When we pray this prayer for our children, we are also asking that God would provide ways for us to incorporate Scripture into our daily lives as a family. For many families, that is around the dinner table. It's one of the only places during the day that it can happen on a regular basis for most families.

UNCOMMEN CHALLENGE: Pray today’s prayer, and then Dads seize the opportunity this week to read Scripture every night of the week at the dinner table. Try to gear the readings and questions to be age appropriate. Ask God to help you lead your family in this area.

Bible References:

James 1:22

Deuteronomy 6:7

2 Timothy 3:16-17