A Dad's Prayer For His Children

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Today’s Prayer: “Heavenly Father help our child to have a servant's heart. Help them to see the needs of others, and consider them before their own. Open up their eyes to the world around them and how they can serve.”

One of the greatest joys I have as a parent is seeing my children see the needs of others and be willing to help. Recently my son had forgotten his lunch money for school and as a result, wasn’t going to have any food to eat for the school day. At dinner that night, my son was telling us about it at the dinner table. 

Apparently a boy in his class noticed my son didn’t have a lunch. So his classmate reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a few dollar bills and gave it to my son for lunch. What a fantastic act of kindness from a five-year-old! But then I thought to myself. How much easier is it for us to give when we know we will be taken care of by our own heavenly Father?

I took the opportunity to tell my son that as a family we should always be ready to serve those in need. Just like his classmate had helped him by giving up his lunch money, we should be willing to have a servant’s heart for others in need.

As you pray this prayer over your own children, trust that God will give you opportunities to demonstrate a servant’s heart to each other first in your own home. Whether it’s helping your spouse with chores around the house, teaching your child to share their toys with their siblings, or helping a neighbor with yard work; these are the training wheels of developing a servant’s heart.

UNCOMMEN Challenge: What are some ways you can help encourage your child to see the needs of others around them? How can you demonstrate a servant’s heart today and model that for your child?

Bible References:

Philippians 2:3-4

Mark 10:45

John 13:12-17