Love God Greatly James


Read: James 1:9-11

SOAP: James 1:9-11

James warns of the futility of riches. Simply having wealth will never fully satisfy or fulfill one’s desires. Money itself is not the evil. It is the gluttonous love of money and the reliance on our income/bank accounts for stability that will always leave us dissatisfied and unfulfilled. The proper way to enjoy wealth is as a gift from God and as a means to glorify Him. When we choose to be content with the riches of Christ rather than blindly pursuing and resting in material riches, our lives will be more in line with God’s desire for us. 

What material pursuits have you turning your attention from the eternal things of heaven to the material things of this world? Believers should focus their efforts not on pursuing riches, but on pursuing holiness in conduct, attitude, and thought. What steps can you take to become more generous, more content, and more grateful for the intangible and material things with which God has blessed you?

Father God, free my heart from the desire for more. Free my mind from covetousness and envy of others. Free my soul from discontentment. Help me to be a generous and content steward of all You have blessed me with. Whether I have what I desire or whether I don’t, Lord, help me to honor and glorify You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.