Love God Greatly James


Read: James 1:5-8

SOAP: James 1:5-8

James reveals that God is the source of all true wisdom. His wisdom is not hidden from us. It is available readily and freely to all who desire it when asked and received in faith. God’s wisdom is found in His Word, the Bible. The Bible reveals who God is, God’s plan for redemption through Jesus, and how imperfect people can grow to live godly lives as they become more like Jesus. James warns that doubt leads to instability and indecision. 

In what circumstance do you need God’s wisdom? A believer’s stability during uncertain times comes from unwavering trust and faith in God’s sovereignty, inherent goodness, and the perfect wisdom found in His Word. In what circumstance are you struggling to believe God’s goodness or trust His power and sovereignty?

Father God, I thank You for Your perfect, unchanging, and inexhaustible wisdom. Lord, help me to remain steady, unwavering, and focused on You. Help me to seek Your wisdom from Your Word, especially when I am faced with uncertainty. Remind me to anchor my confidence in You and Your Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.