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Unshakable Hope - CourageSample

Unshakable Hope - Courage

DAY 1 OF 77

Week 1: Giants Will Fall: God's Promise Through David

God's Promise: "The  battle is the Lord's." (1 Samuel 17:47 NIV)

My Promise: I will battle in the name of Lord Almighty

Who is your Goliath? What giant seeks to punch the life out of you? Does he come in the form of a disease? Is he wearing the garb of debt? Or does he battle on the inside through daily discouragement? No one has to tell you that giants roam this world. Or that life is a battle. But maybe someone needs to remind you - the battle is the Lord's. The Israelites faced a real life Goliath.  Every morning for forty days he came out to taunt their army. Every evening he returned to shout his challenges and demoralize their courage. David arrived to visit his brothers who were at the battle line. He was too young to be a soldier, but he was not too young to have an unwavering faith in the power of the living God. David spoke with hope and confidence. He stood up with assurance in the power of God. He approached the battle line knowing the battle was no his alone. And he ran toward his Giant. 

Unshakable Hope Declaration

We are building our lives on the promises of God. Because his Word is unbreakable, our hope is unshakable. We do not stand on the problems of life or the pain in life. We stand on the great and precious promises of God. 

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Unshakable Hope - Courage

When life shifts toward struggles or pain or disappointment, where do you turn? When uncertainty invades or sorrow seeps in, where do you look for answers? Here’s a suggestion: turn to one of over 7,000 biblical reminder...


We would like to thank Oak Hills Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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