Justice for All


Raise your hand if you're perfect!

Oh wait, that's exactly none of us! Every day, we all make choices that are outside of God's best. The word the Bible uses to describe those choices is "sin." We all know that some sins are more destructive or have way worse consequences than others, but there's no escaping the truth that we are all sinful in some way. If you don't agree, just ask a bunch of people what they would do if they were invisible. Some answers might involve stealing something, playing unkind pranks on friends or siblings, or breaking into school to cause some mayhem.

But love, the kind of love that is active and real from God, that love is more powerful than sin. When we sin, it usually comes from a place of fear. What's important is that in the presence of God's love, fear has little room to exist. That love can be a powerful force that pulls us towards God and helps us realize our need for God's forgiveness. There will always be consequences for our sin, when we actively love others, we see things come full circle.

How has love changed you?