Pakistani Yousafzai Pashto (PYPB)

Pashto, Northern

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کِتابِ مقدس د پاکستان په (يوسفزئ) پښتو کښې

Holy Bible in Pakistani (Yousafzai) Pashto.

This translation in Pashto is in the Yousafzai dialect, widely spoken and/or understood in Pakistan.

دا پوره کِتابِ مقدس په ٢٠٢٠ کښې چاپ شو او په دې لنک باندې ملاويدے شى

This full bible was printed in 2020 and is available from

او په ډيجيټل حالت کښې په دې لنک باندې ملاويدے شى

Digitally available on


Pakistan Bible Society

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