Maˍlaˍhkiˆ li‸ 4

Maˍlaˍhkiˆ li‸ 4

Gʼuiˬsha ve awˬ nyi
1Gʼuiˬsha kʼoˆ ve, Caˆ muiˬ ve chaw leh haiˬ ve chaw teˇ hpaˍ lehˬ, chi gʼawˇ hkʼa shuˍ to‸ baˬ ve hta‸ gʼa hkanˍ tuˬ ve awˬ yanˇ gaˬ la chehˇ ve yoˬ. Awˬ nyi oˇ ve gaˬ la htaˇ, yawˇ hui lehˬ aˬ miˍ to‸ baˬ ve hta‸ gʼa hkanˍ leh, yawˇ hui teˇ gʼaˇ ka‸ cawˬ taˉ tuˬ ve maˇ heˆ. 2Ya‸ hkʼaˇ, ngaˬ ve tawˇ hta‸ na yuˬ ve chaw awˬ hkʼoˆ lo, ngaˬ ve htaiˍ hkʼaw‸ ve kanˇ paˆ mvuhˇ nyi hkʼa shuˍ tawˆ la leh, mvuhˇ nyi gʼeuˆ hkʼa shuˍ yawˇ hui hta‸ gu na-e piˇ tuˬ yoˬ. Nawˬ hui lehˬ nuˇ hkawˆ hkʼaw hpehˇ tawˆ-e piˇ ve nuˇ yehˇ hkʼa shuˍ, gʼa ha lehˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 3Ngaˬ suhˉ jehˬ ve awˬ nyi gaˬ htaˇ, nawˬ hui lehˬ haiˬ ve chaw teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ gʼaˇ leh, yawˇ hui lehˬ nawˬ hui ve hkui sheh hawˉ lo cawˬ ve je‸ meu-e hkʼa shuˍ hpeh‸ tuˬ yoˬ.
4Iˉsaˍreˍlaˆ chaw teˇ hpaˍ na yuˬ tuˬ, Siˉnaˆ hkʼaw hkʼoˆ lo ngaˬve awˬ ceˬ paˍ Moˉseˍ hta‸ piˇ taˍ ve awˬliˇtawˇhkawˇ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ dawˇ nawˇ-oˆ.
5Kawˆ tuˬ uiˍ jaˇ ve Gʼuiˬsha ve awˬ nyi maˇ gaˬ la sheˍ gʼuˇ suhˍ, tcuh kaˍ paˍ Eˇliˇya‸ hta‸ ngaˬ nawˬ hui geh peu laˇ tuˬ yoˬ. 6Yawˇ lehˬ awˬ pa leh awˬ yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ teˇ geh kʼaw‸ chehˇ piˇ lawˬ tuˬ yoˬ. Oˇ hkʼe maˇ te ve kʼo, ngaˬ laˬ leh nawˬ hui ve mvuhˇmiˬ hta‸ te luˬ te sheˆ laˇ tuˬ yoˬ, teh‸ Gʼuiˬsha kʼoˆ ve yoˬ.

Lahu Bible Edited © Thailand Bible Society and Bible Society of Myanmar, 2010, 2020.

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