Worship Together On Earth As It Is In Heaven


A Better Way 

As we've considered multicultural worship, several distinctives have become evident. God is deserving of worship from all the nations He has created. His intent is for diverse people to join together in Christ-centered worship. This brings God much glory and blesses His heart.

This can, and does, happen. But it takes intentionality. It requires us to consider other people. As individuals, our tendency is to evaluate whether or not a worship experience is enjoyable or powerful based on our own likes and dislikes.  And there are as many opinions of a worship experience as there are people.

We must learn to consider others and evaluate whether or not their hearts are engaged as we worship together. Is there someone in your church who is from another country who would be encouraged by hearing their first language used in a song or prayer? Is there anyone from a different generation whose heart resonates with a particular musical style? Would your congregation be brave enough to sing a hymn in several different languages simultaneously, including having it interpreted for the deaf? The possibilities are endless.

Philippians 2:2-3 directs us to “count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Many of us are willing to do that but it requires reaching into other peoples' lives. It requires us getting to know others on more than an acquaintance level. That may mean leaving our comfort zones and getting to know someone who is not like us. What an adventure awaits! 

The result? Churches where people attend a “worship experience” can actually become worshipping communities, close-knit yet diverse. If this becomes the norm in our churches, how familiar it will feel when we stand, together, before the throne and the Lamb crying, “Holy, holy, holy!” for eternity!

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