Worship Together On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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God Desires The Nations To Worship Him

Our Almighty God can be known, up close and personal, by the nations He has created. They can experience His character and see Him in action. Revelation 15:3 reveals some magnificent things about God. He does great and amazing deeds, His ways are just and true, and He is holy and righteous. As a result, He has been given the title “King of the Nations.” And among the nations, this text says, “... who will not ... glorify Your name?” That sounds like worship! And He is so deserving of it.

The Bible is largely silent when it comes to appropriate forms of worship, allowing for the diverse expressions, heart languages, and musical styles of the many cultures of the world. What instruments are appropriate or not appropriate? How long should a service last? What should the preaching style be? Should we sit in pews, in chairs, or on the floor? God deserves cross-legged devotion and joyful jumping; rousing conga rhythms, and somber tones from a sitar, shouts of praise, and reverent silence.

God revels in the worship that is lavished upon Him. He is blessed when His people reflect on Who He is and they offer up their natural response of praise in their unique cultural ways. Psalm 22:3 can be translated as God being enthroned on praise or as inhabiting the praises of His people. God dwells in a realm of praise. 

Take a look at Psalm 86:9-10; “All the nations You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name. For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God.” Did you notice that the psalmist makes reference to the fact that God created the nations and that all of them shall worship Him? Be assured that God will bring this about.

Do we have a part to play in God bringing about worldwide worship? The nations cannot worship Him if they don't know Him. And they can't know Him if no one tells them about Him. In Acts 1:8, Jesus gave His disciples (and us!) their divine instructions to go and tell. When those first disciples heard this, did they remember what else Jesus said in Matthew 24:14? Come, Lord Jesus, come!