Ancora Kids Follow Ruth

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Do you like sad stories or happy ones? This story, about a woman called Ruth, has a very sad beginning.

Find an empty notebook or some paper you can fold to make your own mini-book.

On the first page, begin with: “Once upon a time there was a woman called Naomi who had two sons…” Then put verses 1–9 into your own words.

If you prefer drawing, try turning the story into a comic strip.

Naomi’s husband and sons had died and she was left alone. How do you think she was feeling?

In verses 10 to 19, Naomi decides to go home to Bethlehem, but Ruth and Orpah didn’t belong there.

In your book, write or draw:

· What Naomi told Orpah and Ruth (verse 11);

· What Orpah did (verse 14);

· What Ruth said (verses 16 and 17); and

· What Ruth did.

Ruth didn’t come from Israel so she hadn’t been one of God’s people. By choosing to stay with Naomi, she was also choosing to follow God!

Pray: “Thank you, God, that I can be one of your people by choosing to follow you.”

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