If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

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Solid, Liquid, Gas

The Holy Spirit or the living water is the third person of the Trinity. God is one God in three forms. This is a hard concept to get our minds around. Water serves as a great illustration for the three parts of the Trinity. Water can be a solid, a liquid, or a gas. It is one substance, H2O, but it can take on three different forms just as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three different parts of the same entity. 

God the Father revealed himself to Moses in the Old Testament as the Great I AM. Jesus stepped out of eternity and came on the scene in the New Testament. His life on earth is recorded in the Gospels. He is God in human form, sent to earth so we can see who God is and what He’s like. He came as the sacrifice for our sins. He defeated death and ascended into heaven, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. After Jesus was glorified in heaven, He sent His Spirit to earth. 

The Spirit of Jesus is not just with us, but in us. This is what Jesus was referring to when He told the Samaritan woman about the living water. The Holy Spirit is available to anyone who will receive Him. Just like the Samaritan woman got the special privilege of meeting with the source from which the living water flows, we can also meet with Jesus through His Word and invite His Spirit to live in us.

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If You Only Knew

When the Samaritan woman encounters Jesus at Jacob’s well, her life is completely transformed. She was drinking water from the wrong wells of life and Jesus offered her living water. She quickly casts her old water jar a...

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