If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

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Living Water

The living water that Jesus speaks about to the Samaritan woman represents the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is alive. He is a living God. He operates in the present tense. As we speak, the Holy Spirit is moving in us and through us. Jesus painted the Samaritan woman a picture telling her who the Holy Spirit is by using the living water as an illustration. He explained to her that in order to receive this gift, all she had to do was ask. 

Once received, the living water cleanses us on the inside, washing away our sin. As we pursue God daily, the water washes through us and spills out of us, refreshing others. It is not a stagnant pond, but a moving stream. Nothing can quench our spiritual thirst like the water of the Spirit. It is a free gift that Jesus gives to all who will come and drink. When we receive this gift, the Holy Spirit comes in, refreshes our soul, quenches our thirst, satisfies us as only Jesus can, and gives us eternal life. So let us “Come!” and “take the free gift of the water of life.”

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If You Only Knew

When the Samaritan woman encounters Jesus at Jacob’s well, her life is completely transformed. She was drinking water from the wrong wells of life and Jesus offered her living water. She quickly casts her old water jar a...

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