Ancora Kids Meet Paul's Friends

Ancora Kids Meet Paul's Friends

DAY 2 OF 3


When Paul visited Thessalonica, he told the people there about Jesus. Lots of them listened carefully to the good news. Many of them became friends of Jesus.

In the letter that Paul wrote later to these friends, he asked them to help him.

Read today’s Bible verses.

How did Paul want them to help him?

They were very happy to know that their prayers would help Paul to tell more people about Jesus.

Who tells you about Jesus? 

Pray: Say thank you to God for them and ask him to help them to tell more people about Jesus.

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Ancora Kids Meet Paul's Friends

In this three-day children’s Bible reading plan you will be discovering words from Paul’s letter to his friends in the first Christian churches. They are words for us today too! The plan complements the free children’s g...

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