Ancora Kids Meet Paul's Friends

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In the years after Jesus was on earth, the news about him spread far and wide.

Paul was a great traveller. Everywhere he went, he told people the good news about Jesus. In every place he left a group of friends who had learned to love Jesus. He often prayed for them and wrote letters to them.

Paul had happy memories of his stay in the city of Philippi. The Christians there had been very kind to him and invited him to stay in their homes. He remembered wonderful times of worship together on the river bank.

Read today’s Bible verses.

It made Paul happy to think of his kind friends in Philippi.

Who makes you happy when you think of them?

Pray: “Father God, it makes me happy to think of… (say the name of a person who makes you happy). Thank you especially for them and all the people who make me happy.”

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