Hollywood Prayer Network On Thankfulness

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"The first thing I do when I start my day is, I get down on my hands and knees and give thanks to God. Whenever I go outside of my house, the first thing I do is stop at the church."  Mark Wahlberg    

PRAY: Lord, I know that verse so well, but I ask that You give me deeper insight into it. I don't want to just read it again, but I want to experience it. Please show me how to always rejoice, to pray continually, and to give thanks in ALL circumstances, for I want to be in the center of Your   will. And I want to experience You in a more intimate way. Fill me with thanks so that my prayers will also be worship! Thank You Lord.   

REFLECT:  This is a tougher verse to live out than we sometimes imagine. The Lord says to rejoice ALWAYS—not just sometimes. He tells us to pray CONTINUALLY—not just once or twice a day. And He tells us to give thanks in ALL circumstances—not just when things are going well! And then He says that doing these three things is His will for us. So, this is a command. How are you doing with this command? Don't feel guilty, but reflect on how you can be more joyful, more prayerful and more thankful every day of your life.   

ACT:   Commit to one week of prayer time with the Lord where you don't ask Him for anything. You just rejoice, praise Him and thank Him for everything in your life - for 7 days. Put off your needs, your requests and your questions until next week and just spend a week thanking Him. It could change your life forever!