The Power Of Earning Influence

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Moses. David. Nehemiah. Peter. Jesus. The Bible shows many moments in which God himself appoints people as leaders. In each situation, God chooses people who later prove to have an immense influence among those around them. The power of being able to influence your peers is priceless. As a Christian, we are required to influence those around us and to do our best to lead them to the Lord, but how do we do that? I believe that this is a process that is carried out by your actions each and every day. Your attitude will determine your altitude in all aspects of life, especially if you hope to positively impact your peers. You see, in order to truly guide or lead anyone, you will first need to have a certain level of influence amongst your team. By displaying and living your life with genuine Christian values, and by simply loving others.

Moses was one leader who, although not originally apparent to the eye of man, possessed the ability to influence others. Although he was unsure of himself at first, God called on Moses to do the impossible, and to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and onto freedom. God knew that Moses would be able to speak into the lives of his people, and, with some help, that Moses would become a solid leader who could save the Israelites from their oppressors. While on his journey, Moses began to understand the importance of relating to and understanding his people. He was one of them, and when he spoke, they would listen and follow his guidance. In Chapter seven of Lead or Be Lunch, I go over this concept. In order to properly lead others, you must first find ways to relate to and understand their thought processes and points of view.

As a Christian and therefore a leader, it is up to you to find ways in which you can reach your peers. Just as Moses did long ago, this will require you to express your point of view and ideas in a manner in which it will reach as many people as possible. Rely on the Lord as Moses did for guidance, and you will begin to earn influence amongst others.

How can you follow Moses’ path in leading others? Who do you believe you need to earn influence among?