WinterJam 2014 - Playlist



Nick Hall Intro


Over the next two weeks, we are really excited to have you join us in this journey through God’s Word alongside some of your favorite Christian artists. Maybe you attended the WinterJam 2014 tour, or maybe you didn’t, either way, we’re really excited to have you part of the journey.

God did some amazing things through the WinterJam tour this year (beyond just having a record-breaking year of attendance), tens of thousands of people decided to hit the RESET button on their lives, and give their hearts to Jesus. Our prayer is that the journey wouldn’t be restricted to a multi-city tour, but that even now, God would continue to work through us.

Maybe you’ve started this devotional and you were one of those people who made a decision for Jesus at the tour, or maybe you’ve never been to church in your life. Wherever you’re at today, I want to invite you to start this journey with a conversation with God. Maybe you pray every day, or maybe you’ve never prayed before in your life. Let’s start with asking God to open our hearts to what He wants to do in this journey.

Pray these words with me: “Dear God, I ask that you would open my heart to what You would want to do during this devotional journey. I ask that you remove any obstacles that would get in the way of me spending time with You and Your Word, and that You would do a new work in my life. Reveal Your heart to me, and speak to me during this time. I ask these things in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.”