Stepping Into Revival


Communication = Relationship

The thing that keeps your relationships alive is proper communication. If you cut off communication in a relationship, you cut off the relationship. You squeeze and suffocate it. In the same way, our relationship with God requires communication. 

Perhaps you’re saying, "Well, how do I communicate with God?" The answer is: prayer. 

Prayer is our communication with God. Prayer is our divine connection to heaven. When you start to pray, you get Heaven’s attention. Prayer connects you with the Holy Spirit, and prayer connects you to God. 

Prayer produces power and confidence in your life. Prayer gives you divine direction and assignments, and gives you the courage to fulfill those assignments and to obey God's Word. So, ask yourself, “How is your breath?”

Prayer is your breath and your avenue of communication. The key to revival is your breath and your communication with God. 

If you’re not praying, you’re not breathing; you’re suffocating. 

I want you to get this: satan is okay with structure, but he hates it when you get the breath of God inside of you. Breath in Hebrew is ruach, which is the same word for Holy Spirit. When we pray, there's something connected to our prayer that is also connected to God's Holy Spirit. 

When God hovered over the world before the world began, He said, "Let there be." It was the breath of God creating life where there was no life, bringing seedtime and harvest before there was a seedtime and harvest. There is creative power in the breath of God. There's creative power in your breath and in your prayer. It's meant to be prophetic.

The secret ingredient to revival, to an answered prayer, to understanding in your life, is prayer followed by obedience. 

Our prayers should speak the Lord’s promises and character into existence. Revival prayers are made for the blind to see, for the lame to walk, and for the lost to be found. Prayers made for missionaries and more missionaries. Prayers are spoken for the harvest to come in and of lost people being saved. Prayers are filled with faith for the dead to come back to life.

What kind of prayer gets God’s attention? A repentant prayer is the kind of prayer that draws God's heartbeat to you. There's something about repentance and brokenness that grabs God's attention.