Stepping Into Revival

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Wake Up

Today, everyone demands acceptance. We are expected to take everyone as they feel they are with very little responsibility as to what is right or wrong. It is this false “acceptance” of all things, with a blatant rejection of righteousness. How do we decipher what is good and what is evil? How do we wake up from this stupor of silence and speak out the truth of our faith in love? It’s clear that something needs to change and something needs to shift. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to activate a new thing in our hearts and a new boldness. 

America produces more pornography than any other nation, and we have more criminals than any other nation. Our prisons are packed, and we have more teen pregnancies than any other nation. One-third of children in America grow up fatherless. Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst teenagers under the age of sixteen. Abuse is rampant in our homes, and our society has been imbued with disdain for the church, for morality, and for Christ. Only four percent of people born after the year 1980 believe that the Bible is true. That means that 96% of people under 40 years of age don’t even think the Bible is real. 

We have work to do. We need revival, and it starts with you! Get ready to usher in a movement of the Lord.

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