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Faith Replaces Fear

Sharing your faith is exciting and amazing. If we are open, we will see many opportunities that God gives us each day to share with others. Sometimes sharing can be a little scary. It is good to remember that God calls us to share, but we are to leave the results to Him. As we take faith steps, our fears will take second place to the importance of what we are doing. Erica Stevens tells us how practice and the right tools, will make our sharing even better.

Listen to Erica

Tools can be a great help as you grow in sharing your faith. And they can help people understand and even visualize the gospel. Many tools are available. There are tools like GodTools, Soularium, the “JESUS” film and others. And practicing what and how you will share is a great way not to get caught off guard in the moment. You can practice with someone else, or stand in front of the mirror and practice with yourself! Make sure you are ready when God opens an opportunity to share your faith with others.

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