The God-Shaped Heart

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A Heart Renewed

There is power in love—power to change people, power to heal broken hearts, power to transform lives. God is love, and it is his plan to pour his love into our hearts to heal, transform, and rebuild each of us back into his original design for humankind. But sadly, something obstructs that love. Something has prevented far too many good Christian people from experiencing that transforming power. 

There is something wrong in Christianity. Shouldn’t people who claim Jesus as their Savior, who strive to live like Christ, and who claim the indwelling of the Holy Spirit be more likely to love sacrificially, leave behind addiction, and have less anxiety than those who don’t participate in God’s peace? Is it wrong to expect those who have been reborn by the Holy Spirit to be conformed to the image of God’s Son?

Something is wrong in Christianity—and it is time for a remedy, a solution, a revitalizing power to infuse Christianity so that the followers of Jesus will no longer be patterned after this world but be transformed by the renewing of their minds.

The purpose of my words is not to find fault with Christianity. But I have great concern for my brothers and sisters in Christ, whom I see struggling and all too often not experiencing the freedom that could be theirs. These words are intended to help people identify and remove an infection of thought, a distortion of belief, and a corruption of ideas that have taken root in the hearts of far too many Christians—holding them in the bondage of fear, addiction, and violence—and to connect them to the life-transforming power of God’s truth and love that will set them free. I want to help people experience the promise of God—a heart renewed, with genuine peace and freedom—and to help them grow up into the full stature of sons and daughters of God. 

Something is wrong with Christianity. But there is a remedy freely available that brings healing and transformation.


When are you most aware of God’s love for you? How does that awareness help you know God’s transforming power in your life?