Kindness Changes Everything


Be kind to yourself.

“If you tell yourself you’re ugly, untalented, and unlovable, you’re probably sending that same message to others.”  - Your Next 24 Hours

How many times a day do you compare yourself to others? It’s so easy to believe the lie that our lives would be better if we were different… but you were made by your Creator — exactly as He intended. 

Maybe it’s time you let yourself off the hook. If you identify as nothing more than a sinner who is destined to fail, that’s how you’ll act. But, if you identify as a child of the King whose sins have been forgiven — everything changes! 

Are you emotionally, physically or spiritually exhausted? Is the guilt of your past affecting your future? When your kindness tank is depleted, find a way to get it filled up again. To live a kind life, you must be kind to yourself first. 

Remember: “In your quest to assist others, invest in yourself. You won’t be investing in anyone if you’re chronically fatigued or emotionally spent.” - Your Next 24 Hours