Hollywood Prayer Network On Joy

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"The secret of gospel change is being convinced that Jesus is the good life and the fountain of joy. Any alternative we might choose would be the let down." Tim Chester

PRAY: Dear God, I want to always be in an attitude of rejoicing, prayer and thanksgiving. Would Your Holy Spirit fill me up with supernatural joy and thanks so that I am living in Your will every day. And what a freeing thought, Lord, to know that if I am always rejoicing, praying, and thanking You for all the details of my life, that I am living in the center of Your will. Thank you for helping me to choose joy, and do with me what is needed to make that happen. In Jesus' name, AMEN.
REFLECT: So often we are asking God what His will is. Should I take this job? Is she the right one for me? Is this where I should live? Lord, what is Your will for my life? And now we know—it's simply to rejoice always, pray constantly, and give thanks in every situation. That's a freeing thought to know that we can let go of the details and trust that they will work out, as long as we're keeping our hearts, minds and souls focused on the Lord, with rejoicing, praying and thankfulness!
ACT: See if you can last all day today without asking God for anything! Just choose to rejoice in everything, pray about everything, and thank Him for everything—regardless of whether it is bad or good! At the end of the day, will you feel more joyful, prayerful and thankful? Joy is a choice. Give it a try!