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Open My Eyes

When our worship team began writing Even Now, they started with an email from Amy Groeschel, Pastor Craig Groeschel’s wife and co-founding pastor of Life.Church. She sent three Scriptures and some personal worship she’d written to God. The resulting song is a from-the-depths declaration of dependence on a God who breaks through like the bright hope of morning sun.

One of the Scriptures in Amy’s email, Ephesians 1:18, was written by Paul to the church in Ephesus. Paul prayed that the eyes of their understanding would be enlightened to the hope they have in Christ. The Greek word Paul used for understanding is dianoia. It refers to deep thought and feeling, even from the depths of your spirit. Basically, Paul prayed we’d experience the eye-opening hope of Christ in such a way that it would transform the very depths where our thoughts and emotions are made. 

As you read today’s Scripture and worship with Even Now, ask the Holy Spirit to bring His eye-opening power into your dianoia, those deep places where today’s thoughts and feelings are brewing.

Open my eyes so I can see

Steady my heart so I can sing 

of Your praises

You are the only one I need

You are enough for

You are enough for me 

And even now

I see the clouds

a silver lining’s breaking 

my hope is found in You 

Lyrics: Even Now, Life.Church Worship


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