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How can I be happy in an unhappy world? 

We all want to be happy. None of us wants to be sad. The ups and downs that we face in our personal lives are enough to keep us down, let alone the events happening around the world. But Jesus, has made us conquerors, in fact, more than conquerors. He gives us strength to overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, and our daily frustrations. His hope is enough to look at the brighter side of things.

One of the greatest examples in the Bible, is the apostle Paul himself. He was imprisoned, shipwrecked, beaten, persecuted, starved, and misunderstood, yet he encourages us to rejoice. For a moment, you'd think this guy is crazy, and it's impossible to be joyful in the circumstances Paul was in. The truth is IT IS POSSIBLE

The eagle is an awesome bird. It is the turbulence of the winds that the other birds avoid, that the eagle seeks. Turbulence pushes the eagle higher. So, when a storm comes, eagles don't seek shelter. They fly into it embracing it. They use bad weather for their own advantage.

There will always be times when everything isn't hunky-dory in our surroundings. It is our response, our choice to exercise His joy that is freely given. So, if some days you feel you're running low on joy, look to Jesus. Tap into the beautiful gift of His comfort and joy that He gives even when things around us are not so good. Choose joy over unhappiness. Turn your ‘every day’ over to Jesus. You'll see the difference it makes.


Dear Jesus, help me to look at the world through your eyes. You have made your joy so available to all your children. Help me to read your Word and learn the truth and look at the brighter side of life. You alone are enough for me. Fill my heart with Your joy especially when I’m overwhelmed with things happening in life. In Jesus Name. Amen!