KB - 100



The Lies We Tell


What does it mean that man is created in the image and likeness of God? Though many folks have run wild with answers to this question, most would generally agree that it means that man is God’s representative on earth. God's image is His reign, His character, His authority, and His righteousness. Man was created to represent that image and spread it throughout the earth, which would result in a culture of image-bearing worshippers having dominion and establishing His kingdom. In other words, man was made to be a state of the art presentation of what God is like. Obviously, we failed miserably. But thanks be to God that He sent His son, the perfect image bearer, to trade places with us. Where we lied on God—being made in His image, yet living lives that represent all that God isn’t—Jesus told the truth by perfectly representing Him. The good news is that all those who believe will not only be forgiven, but they will be redeemed. This means that the image they were made in will be renewed, and they will spend the rest of their days living as we were created to live—displaying to the world what God is like.

Every interaction you will have today will be an opportunity to tell the truth or tell a lie about God. When you are kind to co-workers and patient with your friends, you represent God and bear His image truthfully. But if you give yourself to mistreating your wife, for example, you are (by your actions) saying this is how God treats his people. And that is a lie. This is why expecting God to be gracious towards us—while we neglect being gracious towards others—is one of the worst contradictions. People are liberated and God is worshipped by redeemed image bearers that tell the truth about who He is. It's more than a list of Dos or Dont's. It's truths or lies: showing God off or throwing God off.

Feel the high, but beautiful, call of telling the truth about God by representing Him well.

Prayer: Lord, we are not perfect. But we desire to represent you consistently and accurately. Help us impact and bring truth to the world by being what we were created to be.

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