Ruth Challenge

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The story of Ruth is a representation of how we are redeemed by Christ and not the law. The ‘guardian-redeemer’ refused to take the land and Ruth, because she was a Moabite, a gentile, someone considered to be separate from God’s people. He had every right to, as he was simply going by the ‘law’. BUT, the law didn’t stop Ruth from being redeemed. Boaz was there and READY to take Ruth just as she was. Regardless of her background, he wanted her. I don’t see his motive for doing so being anything other than true LOVE!

There were ten elders who were called to witness two things. Firstly, they witnessed that the closer relative couldn’t redeem Ruth and secondly, they witnessed that Boaz could. These ten elders represented The Ten Commandments to show us that the law itself cannot save, but they lead us to the one who can. The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ showing that He is the only one that could save us, so that we might be justified by faith.

The story of Ruth foreshadows the glorious act of salvation to be told in the New Testament. It shows the beautiful exchange that Christ made. His law is perfect, but because of the love He had for us (because of the love Boaz had for Ruth), He decided to save us when the law could no longer save us and when we couldn’t save ourselves.


Naomi went from a bitter woman to a blessed mother in Israel. It started with bitterness but ended with smiling. We’ve seen how Ruth’s life totally turned around. She went from a widowed gentile, far from God, to becoming a mother in a generational line that would not only produce King David but would one day give to the world their Redeemer, Jesus.

This story isn’t just about Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. It is also about our relationship with Jesus and our redemption! You might be feeling like Naomi - bitter at God. Or like Ruth - far from the knowledge of the true God. Even if you are as far away as they were, this story shows us that God can turn things around and make something, out of nothing…and God loves to make a ‘somebody’, out of a ‘nobody.’

What are your thoughts? #RuthChallenge