Ruth Challenge

Day 3 of 4 • This day’s reading

Naomi was playing cupid in this chapter. She wanted the best for her daughter-in-law and she had faith in Boaz to look after her, not just because of His wealth, but because of his character.


Similar to Esther, Ruth had to prepare before meeting the one she desired to call her husband. In this, we learn that we have to prepare before seeking the things that we ‘desire’, because it is in our preparation that we will truly know whether it is worth seeking after. This goes for anything in life, albeit Godly relationships or good grades; they all require preparation and sometimes an elder like Naomi to give advice.

I say SOMETIMES, because Naomi’s advice was questionable. She essentially instructed Ruth to do anything Boaz asked her to do…which could have been A-N-Y-THING! Praise God it wasn’t, but it shows how careful we have to be with any advice we’ve received. We must remember to evaluate the advice received from another by considering their relationship with God. Naomi’s spiritual condition in chapter one is far from encouraging. By her own confession, she is bitter and accused God of being harsh with her. THINK: Is the counsel I’ve been given based on Scripture, or is it the fallible opinion of the adviser?

We all probably read this chapter thinking, ‘I hope they don’t do what they shouldn’t do’, but Boaz and Ruth remained Godly in a situation that could have turned into something else. They displayed their strength of character! This reassures us that Godly character can be evident in ungodly settings. We live in a time where ungodliness is everywhere, but we need to be that light, a light that leaves no room for darkness.

It takes a strong God-fearing man to stand firm in the situation Boaz was in. Guys, this is the standard for you. You should be the moral leader who protects the purity and reputation of the women you associate yourself with. This is what real manhood is about. Your Ruth will come.

Likewise, ladies please don’t compromise yourself or God’s standards to get attention from a guy. Let the attention you receive from any man, be attention that stems from your inner beauty, character and virtue. Your Boaz will come.

What are your thoughts? #RuthChallenge