BibleX: The Gospels



Today’s study begins the fifth section of our journey through the Bible, Module 5: Gospels. Over the next 20 days, we will focus on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

1. How would two different family members or friends talk about your life? How would their stories be similar or different?

Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 2:8-20

1. How are these passages alike? How are they different?

2. Who comes to visit Jesus in the book of Matthew? Who comes to visit Jesus in the book of Luke? How do you resolve the differences between these two versions of the same story?

Matthew 5:1-12, Luke 6:20-26

1. How are the “blessed” different in these accounts? What are the similarities and the differences in these two passages? How do the “woes” in Luke shape how you view these comparisons?