Heaven's In Your Routines

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Can you hear God saying something?

I live in a big city. Yes, Jakarta is so big with more than 8 million people busy doing their activities each day. Traffic jams are almost everywhere, and people are rushing to make their agendas, most of the time with a complaining attitude, including me.

However, reading this part of Psalm 19, makes me wonder about the things I have missed in that "busyness." In this Psalm that David's writing, God somehow is saying:

Can you see what My hands have made for you? I have made the clouds to protect you from heat. I have made the sun to shine and give energy, and many more.

Can you hear what each day brings to give you opportunity to make a great story? Yet you complain of the routines?

Can you hear the voice of My power protecting you at night and blessing you for a new morning?

I felt somehow David just knew what we, the people of this age, would miss. God allows him to write a reminder to reach us in any place on earth of one thing: God is there and blessing us continually.

Many times God remains anonymous, but I believe that does not mean we don't need to be thankful.

Please join me today to give thanks to our God who sustains our lives and blesses us so abundantly.

Whoever finds God, finds life.