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  • If you work hard at something, you will be more successful, correct? If you slack off, your results will diminish. Diligence is a key. Be all in, whatever you're doing. It's the same if you want to be hopeful. You faithfully choose hope, not fear. It makes you full of assurance and you're a lot more fun to be around too!
    Hebrews 6:11
  • Have you noticed that if you aren't friendly, others aren't either? But, funny thing, when you're friendly, it seems like you have more friends. Same with God. If you're ignoring God, he seems far off. And if you pursue God through prayer and His Word, he seems nearer. Well, there you go. Hope is in God only. Get near him!
    James 4:8
  • The most hopeful Christians are excited about the Lord. They love the Word of God so they are reading and memorizing it. They pray a lot. You see, it IS the Word of God that gives hope. It is His Story. History with all the fulfilled prophesies shows us God is in control and has a plan. You just need to persevere in what you're doing right now! Hope will arise!
    Romans 15:4

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