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  • Ever notice that when you are praising God you are more hopeful? Hope and Praise go hand in hand. Praise God for something right now. If you're low on hope, you'll be more hopeful! Hope is a choice. Continually choose hope not despair. You cannot be both hopeful and in despair. It's your choice. God is trustworthy. God is GOOD.
    Psalm 71:14
  • All your desires can be met by God. If you are depressed, ask yourself "Am I hoping in something besides God?" Nothing visible provides real hope. When you hope in people or things or events you'll feel kind of sick. Waiting is tough. And nothing ever satisfies except very briefly. All your desires can be met by God!
    Proverbs 13:12
  • The enemy - Satan - whispers in your ear: "No one understands how hopeless I feel." That is a LIE. If you believe it, you allow yourself a personal pity party. BUT, you are NOT alone. Do you think God doesn't understand? Perhaps he's getting tired of you telling him your heart is broken, yet again? Never believe that. He loves you DEEPLY. He will give you strength to go on. He will even make you stronger!
    Isaiah 40:28-29
  • Man says: "Some things seem impossible for God to accomplish." Well, now that is pretty short-sighted, isn't it? Yet, we fall victim to that lie. We must regularly, strongly assert "No purpose of God can be blocked".The creator of the universe cannot be defeated. He knows best! That kind of faith will give hope!
    Job 42:2


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HOPE Let's take a look at some Bible Verses on hope. God wants you to be at peace, fearless, full of faith and love, right? He wouldn't want you anxious or full of anger. Hope Scriptures teach you how to be a more forgiv...


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