A Thought Align with God's Thought

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Lifted Up Your Thoughts

God says that our thoughts are nothing like his thoughts. Imagine, you go through difficulties and you see no solution at all to get out of your dark circumstances. In the evening, you decide to go out from your house, sit down and look at the stars in the heavens.

This wonderful word leads us to a position of humility but also encourages us to fix our thoughts beyond our human understanding. The first thing to do is to have a teachable heart, knowing that our thoughts are not always right, they can be wrong. Our perception on circumstances, people, and God himself can be distorted by our human limitation.

God knows that without having our thoughts aligned with his thoughts we cannot operate well. In his goodness, he invites us to lift up our eyes and seek after him. Then darkness goes away, our thoughts are renewed and enlightened through his revelation.