Generosity: 30 Days Toward Biblical Generosity

Caution: This journey might cause you to become more generous.

Imagine if the hearts of Christians around the world were recaptured by the self-giving example of Christ's love being poured out for us on the cross? Now imagine if your heart was recaptured by God's ultimate example of generosity. What might that kind of radical Christian giving look like in your life? How might your motivations and actions change? How much more effectively might you serve those in your sphere of influence?

God's priority is his church, not his resources. God gave everything for us, and when we give ourselves fully to him we become a more vivid reflection of his overwhelming abundance. God calls us to adjust our priorities and steward his resources for his ultimate purposes.

The following reading plan is provided to encourage you to dig deep into the Biblical message of generosity. It is here that we discover the good news that God has not only made us to be recipients of his grace but has also invited us to become participants in the movement of his divine generosity. We invite you to join us on the journey toward genero