Promises From God For Your Child

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World Changers

Psalm 25:12-13 is evidently referring to more than just acquiring real estate. On a higher level, "inheriting the land," speaks of having prominence and influence in order to transform individuals or society as a whole with the values and character of God's kingdom. This can happen for believers' offspring on a local or global level; they can "inherit" everything from neighborhoods to nations. (See Psalm 2:8; Isaiah 54:3.)

A good example is Martin Luther King Jr. Not only were his parents strong Christians, but also both his father and grandfather were preachers. When Martin was around the age of seventeen, the "ministry mantle" passed to him. Though he never held a political office or owned large masses of real estate, Martin Luther King Jr. "inherited the land" in a more profound way. As he selflessly began promoting racial equality in Alabama, God began promoting him to a place of international prominence. If you have surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, expect Him to awaken in your son or daughter a similar potential of being a world changer and a history maker.

Pray the following prayer for your child, inserting his/her name in the blank, and believe that God will be faithful to His promise.

Lord, I pray that _____________ will "inherit the land," that he/she will be a person of influence in this world. I believe that through my child You will mold and shape the values of his/her generation in a positive and powerful way. I also confess that ____________ will inherit the land in a literal sense, ruling and reigning with You in the kingdom of God to come, forever and ever. In the name of Jesus, amen (let it be so)!

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