Promises From God For Your Child

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Covenant Relationship

A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties, each binding himself to fulfill certain obligations. When we surrender our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ, we enter a covenant relationship with Him. He in turn obligates Himself to always be with us, forgive us of our sins, fulfill His promises, and preserve us unto eternal life.

This covenantal arrangement overflows to our offspring also. Of course, they must surrender to God in order to receive the fullness of all the covenantal blessings and benefits, but this verse implies that they are automatically on a certain level of covenant connection with God-simply because their parents are already walking with God. Want proof? Remember what God said to Noah, "Behold, I establish My covenant with you and with your descendants after you" (Gen. 9:9, emphasis added). The God of Noah is our God. The way He felt then is surely the way He feels now.

Pray the following prayer for your child, inserting his/her name in the blank, and believe that God will be faithful to His promise.

Lord, I confess that I am in a covenant relationship with You, and I believe my descendants are as well. I am committed to You, and You are committed to me. I believe You will honor our relationship by committing Yourself also to the welfare of my child in body, soul, and spirit. I believe You will grant _____________ grace to walk in a covenant relationship with You and prosper all the days of his/her life. In the name of Jesus, amen (let it be so)!

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