Perseverance in the Workplace

Whether you're a regular employee or the president of a company, chances are you've had your fair share of mistakes and bad choices. Some of them may have caused just minor setbacks, while others may have resulted to problems at home, a loss of an important client, a promotion, or even your job. Making mistakes, they say, is a fact of life. After all, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes at one point or another. When we do, friends and family will tell us to just learn from it and then move forward. But that seems to be easier said than done.

In fact, I know some people that never seem to get over their mistakes, even though these were made years back. Instead of using this as a means to become better, they end up talking themselves down and telling them of what a complete failure they really are. Being a Christian doesn't make us immune to making mistakes. But as Christians, we have something that the world doesn't: the realization that God is a merciful God who willingly forgives and never holds a grudge against us. He will never try to keep on bringing back those past mistakes time and time again. On the contrary, He gives each of us the grace to not just learn from our mistakes, but also to press on, move forward, and go beyond to become a better person. So the next time that you miss the mark, don't beat yourself up. Go to God. Ask and receive His forgiveness, learn from it, pick yourself up, and move on.

PRAYER: Father God, I know that I'm not perfect. I have made a lot of mistakes. But even now, I thank you that you have forgiven me, and I receive your forgiveness. Holy Spirit, help me learn from my mistakes and move forward to become the person God destined me to become. In Jesus' Name, Amen.