Choosing REAL


Enjoy the Journey: Rest in the Midst of Frantic Schedules

Bible Reference(s)

Matthew 11:28-30
Philippians 4:6-7 

Devotional Content

Rest is not selfish; it is essential. Rest is biblical. Unplanned detours invite us not to physically stop but to focus the mind and heart toward Jesus-offering peace. The suggestion is perspective awareness. An offer to peer through circumstances even when they fly at warp speed. To embrace rest and inner peace. Serenity among the crazy. Isn’t that what we desire? Not to cancel life, move to a mountain, and claim stillness, but to really know Jesus’ genuine heart where calm is obtainable in the hustle-bustle of humanity.

Here are five rest practices I’m embracing to experience calm in the midst of a go, go, go schedule.


1. Believe your value comes in who you are, not what you do.

When our identities are secured in a God of grace and love, everything overflows from an inner worth, not an outer worth. Where do you go for value? Do you spend time with Jesus first, or do you offer Him the leftovers? When we lose ourselves to God’s Spirit, we find our truest selves (Exodus 33:14). If it’s peace we desire, we must spend time in His presence.

2. Do something every day that makes your five senses come alive in ways that encourage you to experience peace in your created self.

Sway to music while packing lunches or doing errands. Treat yourself to your favorite drink. Leave scripture reminders in sight, read inspiring books and blogs, and frame faith-filled quotes. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Express yourself creatively. 

3. When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, “Am I sacrificing my sanity or family to make this happen?”

Pray about how God wants you to spend your time. What is best for you? Your marriage? Your family? Creating healthy boundaries removes control talons and anchors them in freeing permission. Along with God’s prompting, only you are in charge of your calendar. Fill yourself with Him first before pouring yourself out.

4. Listen to your body.

Do you find your mind never stops? Do you wake with your heart jackhammering in your chest? Is your skin breaking out? Stress plays a pivotal role in pointing toward the value of rest. How will you choose to invest in your next 24 hours? 

5. Allow yourself to be enjoyed.

You are enjoyed by the Creator of the universe. Just. as. you. are. Rest in His truth. Find peace in His words. Crave time in His presence.