A Wave Of Compassionate Caring

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Let God Fill Your Hands

Most of us use apps, calendars and tools to help us get to our important appointments. Our lives can get so full as we schedule every minute of our days. We can get so focused on our goals, our work and what we can do next, that we can become addicted to being busy. Jim Gash talks about the practice of letting go. He uses the image of opening our hands wide and allowing God to fill them with His desires for us.

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We can either be tight-fisted or open-handed in every aspect of our life. We can sometimes trick ourselves into thinking that working all day at our goals is enough. Instead, open your hands so you can reach farther and receive more of the bigger and better plans God has for you. And not just you - look around and encourage others to join you as you serve others together. Opening your hands and being available to God is the only way you will be able to lead a movement of compassionate caring!

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