Revealing Jesus with Darlene Zschech


Words and Walk

What does God think of people who speak the Word with their lips but live an entirely different life with their actions? When He says “I will tear you to pieces” (v. 22), the answer to that question is emphatic.

Today is not so different from biblical days. So many live a life where their seen and unseen lives do not remotely look like each other. People complain that God has failed them and hasn’t come through as He promised, but the excuse rings hollow. We’ve always known that defeat is the fruit of hypocrisy.

God reminds the ungodly what happens when they ignore wisdom, when they throw the Word of God behind them as if it holds no worth. He challenges every word that comes out of the mouths of the wicked, reminding them that they can fool some people some of the time, but they will never fool God.

God’s heart for us is not only to proclaim truth but to walk in the power of truth, not living as we please but living to please God. And when it comes to worship, God doesn’t accept the offerings of those who go through the motions, with not even a thought to a heart encounter with God. To live in victory, ask the Lord to continue to strengthen you in your pursuit of truth, that your words and actions would be as one. The joy, peace, and freedom that reign on the other side of obedience are incomparable.

Father, may my thoughts, my words, and my actions all proclaim your truth.

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