Revealing Jesus with Darlene Zschech




King David was a man well acquainted with warfare of every kind—from the battlefield to the recesses of his heart. We know David didn’t win all of his battles. As he pleads for the health of his soul in Psalm 41, we learn once again that absolute honesty and transparency before God is our only hope for renewal. Repentance begins with honest confession.

As our heart aches with David in his brokenness, we also learn that over time we must begin to understand our own vulnerabilities. There are times when we are more vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. Places. Times. Conditions. When you are weak in your soul, you truly do leave your life open to all of your own weaknesses, whatever they may be. Do you know your own areas of vulnerability? Do you have healthy safety barriers in place to protect you?

For my own soul to be strong, I need God time, family time, thinking time, and creative time. When my soul becomes weary, I find myself vulnerable to waves of depression and insecurity. That’s the moment—the second—when I know I need to go and care for my soul with all urgency. Am I missing God time? Family time? Thinking time? Creative time?

Put plans in place to keep the enemy of your soul at bay. Love yourself enough to do whatever is needed to care for your soul. Ask God to show you when you are vulnerable. Ask Him to show how you personally need to care for your inner being.

Mighty God, protect us from the enemy. In our time of battle, may we stand.

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