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The Bible is full of really important stories. But sometimes, when we read these stories of people who lived such a long time ago, we're not sure how their stories relate to our lives today. So, let's take one of their stories and see how it relates to your story and God’s story, too.


Take some notes about the story in today's passage of Scripture.

  • Who is this story about? (There might be more than one person!)
  • What happens to them?
  • What do they learn?
  • How is God involved in their story?


Now, think about your story.

  • Who did you relate to most in the story you just read, and why?
  • Have you ever experienced anything similar to the story you just read?
  • How is your story different from the story you just read?
  • Have you ever had to learn a similar lesson?
  • Has God ever been involved in your story in a similar way?


So what is the story God is trying to tell, both in the story you just read and in the story of your life right now? You can find it if you look for the ways your stories overlap.


  • Have you ever felt like Jesus' invitation wasn't for you? What happened?
  • How does it feel to know Jesus' invitation is for you? In what ways does accepting that make your life different?
  • Spend time in prayer, thanking Jesus that his invitation to belong is for everyone, including you. Pray about someone you could share that invitation with today.


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