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King & Kingdoms

DAY 1 OF 91

Welcome to the second part of the whole Bible in a year plan. If you've been able to consistently follow along with us, way to go! If you're just jumping in here, we're so glad to have you. Why are we going through the Bible? Because we want to make sense of our world. God's Word brought order, life, light, clarity, and purpose in the beginning. Everything starts and ends with God, and the Bible is the instrument he uses to help us make sense of our lives.

Here's how it works:

Monday through Friday, you'll read some of the more major scripture passages accompanied by thoughts from pastors and writers. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, you'll take a break from reading to reflect on how to apply what you're learning and who you can share it with.

As we begin the book of Judges, let's set the table. At this time, Israel lived in a constant state of rebellion and repentance. Yet, no matter how long or how far they strayed from God, the stories found in the book of Judges teach us that God is faithful and rescues us when we cry out to him. Here in Judges, we find God's true character and how He works through his chosen leaders to rescue and deliver his people.

Think it Over: Has there been a time you had the same mindset as this passage when your parents were not around?


Day 2

About this Plan

King & Kingdoms

King & Kingdoms, is the second three months of a year-long chronological Bible reading plan.

We would like to thank Brentwood Baptist for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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